The Sony audio recorder that Liam Neeson (Matthew Scudder) is using in the movie A Walk Among The Tombstones (2014).

Sony’s M-450 microcassette recorder is a long-lasting voice recorder. With the required two AA batteries the recorder will last an impressive thirty hours. The Clear Voice recording system will make voices sound as crisp and clean as possible, both during record and playback. The Sony-Matic automatic recording level control is another feature that will improve the recording process; this feature ensures the correct recording level.

During playback, editors and listeners will enjoy the cue and review system. This system uses a slide control, and provides sound during fast forward and rewind, allowing for quick searches. The two-speed record/playback offers an option of recording the microcassette at either normal speed or half-normal speed. This feature ultimately gives you an extended recording opportunity.

The recorder’s LED light provides up-to-minute battery life information. To help save battery and mechanical wear, the M-450 has automatic shut-off. The recorder runs on either 2 AA batteries or an optional AC adaptor. Included in the package are a microcassette and two AA batteries, making this recorder ready to use, right out of the box.

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